Greetings in Christ Jesus

Jesus Christ is Risen!  The Easter message is wonderful news!  Some day we will walk into heaven.  Because He lives, we can walk through that door.  We have an incredible life to come. I know that my Redeemer lives, and because He lives, I shall live also.  May this truth be in your heart.  We can live each day now in confidence that we are eternal people.  May the joy of Easter continue!

Our thanks to Garrett and Paige Robison for donating a coffee maker to the Senior Center. Thank to Peggy Pariseau for setting it up.  

It was a blessing to have a wonderful turnout on Good Friday afternoon for the Hot Cross Bun treat.  

May God bless your May journey.

Pastor Rich

Bingo the Basset HoundI am busy. Enjoying the longer daylight.  Now for some warm weather.  I am also ready for some Bingo!  Hope you can enjoy the Summer!  The Senior Saints are, experiencing aches and pains,

this Spring.  The older we get, the more thankful we are for every day. 

The irony of age, when you are a baby, your parents take care of you.  When parents grow old, they are taken care of by their baby.  Seniors do not call their bathroom John, instead they call it Jim.  That way it sounds better when you say I go to the Jim first thing in the morning.


  • How are stars like false teeth? The both come out at night.
  • The Senior Saint stood outside the pub fishing in a puddle of water. A well- dressed businessman felt sorry for him.  He invited him inside for a drink.  As they sipped their drinks, he asked, how many have you caught today?  The old man replied, you’re the eighth.  Note:  watch out for those seniors!

Keep smiling.


 Bingo your Basset Hound