Preschool Calendar

Check out this month’s St. Paul Preschool Calendar. There are bound to be some changes throughout the year, so be sure to check with our continual updates for events here on the  St. Paul Preschool Website. You can also check with the Preschool Office or Your child’s Preschool Teacher!


Preschool Chapel is Wednesdays @ 10 am during the school year unless otherwise noted.

Preschool Supply List 2022-2023

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool


Preschool Snow and Ice Cancellations & Delays

We follow the Sherwood School district #88J if winter brings icy weather. When public school is canceled for weather conditions, our preschool will also be closed for the day. If the public school is delayed by more than one hour, the morning session of preschool will not open at all. Please call 503-908-6438 if you have any doubts.

News regarding school closures is carried on all radio and TV stations starting early in the morning, giving school closures and late starts.

You can also sign up for instant email and text message notification at Simply go to the website, do a search for Sherwood School District in Oregon, and fill out the form.

church in snow