“Our family is new to the area so when I visited the first time to Sherwood I started looking around for a suitable preschool for my 4-year-old, my local church highly recommended that I ask and check out St. Paul Lutheran. I did and I don’t regret it. Their staff is very welcoming and plenty of varied space for kids to explore and learn in. my preschooler felt at home from the first week of school and is excited to come to school.”

– Iris Tran

“We have had all three of our kids go through St. Paul Preschool. It has bee such a warm and loving environment for them to grow and learn. The classroom is so nurturing and fun and provided the perfect ‘positive experience’ for school so that they were ready to enter kindergarten. I love that it is a classroom for all kinds of students and learning styles. My kids were able to have so many hands-on experiences while teaching the important basics of kindness, manners and cooperation.” 

– The Overcamp Family

“Sherwood’s ‘Hidden Gem’ is what my husband and I have always called St. Paul Lutheran School. We have never been disappointed that we chose St. Paul to be the school where our kids got their school careers started. Our first child started at St. Paul during the 2012-13 year. He loved going to school and loved his teacher, Kathy Prehm. He also attended Kindergarten at St. Paul. My second child is currently attending her second year of preschool at St. Paul. She was so happy to ‘finally’ have Mrs. Prehm as her teacher and attend school.

St. Paul staff has done an amazing job preparing and laying a strong foundation for my kids to succeed in their next school experiences as well as giving them the strength and knowledge to call on God in their daily lives. It has been heartwarming to see my kids grow both academically and spiritually as they will carry these school experiences with them their whole lives. We are at peace and comfort to know that we will be sending our third child to St. Paul come the 2016-2017 year. We love St. Paul so much and are blessed to be a part of an amazing school experience.”

– Carrie and Brian Motland