Wow, it is hard to believe the school year is quickly coming to a close. It was such a blessing for us all to be in person, without masks! Here’s a recap of the past few months! In the spring, we took time to focus on praying and taught the preschoolers how to grow their relationship with God. We made prayer cubes to demonstrate different ways to talk to God. The students also learned about the many miracles Jesus performed including healing a blind man, healing the sick, calming the storm, and walking on water. During the Easter season, the kids were very excited to pass around resurrection eggs at circle time, discover what was in each egg, and learn each object’s meaning! To further their learning about Jesus’ death and resurrection, they heard Bible stories and made art projects including Jesus coming out of the tomb which read, “No gloom in the tomb!!”.


In addition to our bible studies, the preschoolers heard about life on the farm and were blessed to have real live ponies and chicks visit the preschool! To embrace the students’ parents (wonderful group this year!), we hosted a “Dad’s n Donuts” day as well as our annual “Mother’s Day Tea”. The children were so excited to have parents and grandparents in the church and classrooms! Diana, Rebecca, and I have experienced a wonderful year together! We feel blessed to be working with one another, instilling in these precious children just how much Jesus loves them!


Please make sureto be at church on June 11th for our preschool slideshow!