Greetings in Christ Jesus

Beware the Ides of March!

It refers to the assassination of Julius Caesar, which marked the turning point in Roman history.  Now it can refer to a change that might happen.  Could there be a turning point this March with the invasion of Russia into Ukrainian territory? How should we be prepared?  As with anything, we should face life with courage.  How do we get the courage to face the future?  By being with Jesus. In Acts 4:13 

““When they saw the courage of Peter and John they were astonished and they took note these men had been with Jesus.” 

As we face this time in history, we can be courageous if we are with Jesus. 

How are we with Him?  By being in His Word, the Scriptures, and in prayer and in worship.   Jesus is the solution.  Let others see that you have been with Jesus; that they too may have courage. May we face March and the future with courage!

Come closer to Jesus this month by participating in mid-week Lenten worship on Wednesdays. 

There are two opportunities, 1:30 or 6:30 pm.  Both times are in the Sanctuary and are the same service.  Come to the one that works best for you.

May this Lenten Season give you courage!

God Bless you,

Pastor Rich


Bingo the Basset Hound
Bingo the Basset Hound

Bingo is here to cheer you up!


Hi Gang,


Things are hopping at the Senior Center.  During Lent, there will be Soup lunches on Wednesday at noon.  They will start on March 9.  As for myself I prefer rabbit stew. Anyone got a good recipe?  I was raised to smell and find rabbits.  So this month here is some rabbit humor.


  • What did the rabbit give his girlfriend? A 14 carrot ring.
  • Where do rabbits work? At IHOP restaurants
  • What do rabbits put in their computers? Hoppy disks.
  • Why did the rabbit build a new house? He was fed up with the hole thing.
  • What do you call a cold Basset Hound sitting on a rabbit? A chili dog on a bun.
  • What do you call a group of rabbits hopping backwards? A receding hare line.
  • What did the naughty Rabbit leave for Easter? Deviled eggs.


I hope this gave you a smile.  It is good for your health.

Enjoy March and be nice to your Basset Hound and your rabbit friends.


With love,