Backpack Project
Backpack Project
Backpack Project


To branch off of our St. Paul Lutheran church pantry we will be putting together care backpacks for Sherwood, Oregon, and surrounding areas for the homeless. This is an Outreach project for St. Paul in the Sherwood, Oregon community. 

These backpacks go with the officers as they patrol because they see first-hand where the need is and will hand these backpacks out to those people in dire need.

This is a way to help people who don’t have the means to come to our food pantry for help. 

If you’d like to help with this project please contact the office.  We will be working closely with the Sherwood, Oregon Police Department’s Chaplain.



Items needed…

Backpack (new or gently used)

2 pairs

of socks

Hand & Feet warmers

Hand Sanitizer

Plastic bag (small for garbage)

Wet wipes for personal hygiene

Plastic poncho (for rain protection)

Emergency blanket (looks like tin foil/ Bi-Mart has them)

Small food items: Granola bars, packs of waterless tuna, cheese & crackers

Eating utensils-plastic

Kleenex, face mask, Band-aids

Bottle of water, juice box

Winter gloves, stocking hat (winter is coming)

Gift cards for hot food ($15 for Taco Bell, McDonald, Burger King, Subway)


If you’re unable to shop, monetary donations or Amazon gift cards are accepted through the office. THANK YOU!  For more information please call the St. Paul Lutheran Church office at 503-625-6648.  Donation receipts are provided upon request.