Children Youth and Families

This Children, Youth and Family Update from Jennifer Gatke originally went out as an email to church families from Pastor Don! 🙂

Yeah, for not recreating the wheel!

Youth worhsip leaders
Youth worhsip leaders

Youth Worship Leaders

This Lenten season our youth liturgists at the midweek evening services are Claire and Riley Baldridge, Ava Granquist, Ashlynn Brenner, and Elizabeth Johnston. The congregation loves to see the youth involved in the worship services.

First Communion – The Confirmation Class of 2022 will be partaking in their first communion on Maundy Thursday, April 14th at the 7 PM service. Confirmands are the same worship leaders listed above.

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday April 16, 10-11 AM.

For preschool and church kids. Youth group will need to be there early to put out eggs by 9 AM. We will also be decorating the cross in front of the church with flowers and creating flower arrangements for the tables downstairs for Easter Breakfast. 

Easter Breakfast – Important!
Sunday April 17. After taking an informal poll last Sunday at church, it appears most people would like to have an Easter breakfast. Dave Van Winkle has agreed to make pancakes, but will need help bringing the grill up from the grove. All hands-on deck will be needed from our youth group to serve.

Craft & Chat – April 24 in the church lower level


Youth Night Egg Hunt

A fine tradition at St. Paul started by Jim & Ronda Wiedemann. This is for the youth who put out eggs at the earlier hunt, and helped at the Easter Breakfast. Youth can also invite their friends. Date and time TBD.

Preschool Family Mixer

For two years I’ve wanted to have a mixer for our preschool families in the Connect Center. This hour-and-half evening activity would consist of a table icebreaker activity, stand-up comedy, bingo with funny prizes, and a shameless plug to join our church. I think I can pull it off before the preschool year is ended, sometime in May. I would also like to do it with our church families (minus the shameless plug!) Perhaps our Households of Faith group can all work together on this. 


Pentecost Sunday – June 5, confirmands confirmed!

Senior Salute – Sunday, June 12. Graduates: Hayden Gatke, Claire Shipman, Annie Zachritz

Confirmation Camp – June 26-July 1 at Camp Lutherwood (Riley, Ashlynn & pastor Don)

Family Camp 1 – July 8-10 at Camp Lutherwood

National Youth Gathering – July 9-13 in Houston, TX.

· Youth participants: J.P. Garstka, David Sanchez

· Adult leaders: Jill Richard, Jennifer Gatke

· Primary leader: Pastor Don

Family Camp 2 – July 21-24 at Camp Lutherwood


Sunday School

Every family in our church should be bringing their child/children to Sunday School. It would make it stronger and benefit everyone involved. Jen Gatke has a special Sunday School session in store each month which has a fifth Sunday. The kids will be getting to know our senior members and visa-versa. What a wonderful way to connect our generations at St. Paul!

If I have left anything out or you have any ideas you would like to bring to the table, let me or Jen Gatke know. May God bless you all.

Dear Church family,

On Sunday, January 16th, our church installed the Congregational officers for 2022. Long-standing officers; Tim Grace, Karen Baldwin, and Terri Greene; were installed at the 8:30 Worship Service. Our new officers; Craig Anderson, Elaina Anderson, and myself; were installed at the 10:45 Worship Service. When I heard Pastor Don’s installation address to us, I felt myself standing taller and accepting the responsibility and instruction he was giving us. I could feel God’s presence and blessing on us. Needless to say, the words “I do” were a commitment to my office.


Sunday, January 23rd, about eight of us women gathered at 2:00 pm in the basement for a special time of fun and fellowship. While we colored or worked on other crafts, we had a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better and to support each other. Pastor Don, who learned proper tea-making when he lived in England, made and served us tea. Of course, we had snacks available. I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to craft-and-chat.

On February 14th, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. When I was small, I was told this romantic tale of a kind old Bishop who secretly gave a dowry to several young women so they could marry. Although I found out that story probably didn’t happen, I believe that we can celebrate the day with that same attitude of kindness and love for others.


Love to all,

Dottie Buss 

Summer GrandparentsGreetings in Christ Jesus

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer.  This refers to the hot days of heat, thunderstorms, lethargy, mad dogs, and grumpy folks.  Some folks don’t like these hot days.  I like the summertime.  Lots of daylight and warm evenings.  It is also a time to have a change of pace.  Sit in your lawn chair, put some ice in a glass and sip your favorite beverage.  It is also a time to meditate on God’s Word.  It is a time to enjoy worshiping in the grove.  Hebrews 10:25, “Let us not give up meeting together,…but let us encourage one another.” I encourage you to use the Dog Days as time for spiritual renewal.  Jesus loves you! Have a blessed summer.

Senior Saints will meet only on the second Wednesday of July and August.  In August we will have our picnic.  In September we will be offering some new ways of growing together.  Stay tuned for more information.

In Christ’s love enjoy your blessings.

Pastor Rich


Greetings gang, 

 It is wonderful to see so many smiling faces on Wednesdays.


  I got some PJ from Paul and Karen.  Our thanks to President Tim and Ellen for fixing hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch.  These may be dog days, but they are also mouse days.  I am going to the beach and be cool.  Here are some summer smiles.

Warning, if you are under the age of 65; do not proceed. The following is for mature readers only who understand what follows.

  • The elderly grandmother always talked to the hens whenever she fed them. Her grandson asked why she did that.  She replied that she was just trying to egg them on. 
  • A state police officer pulled a car over. Five older ladies were in the car and looked in shock.  They were all very pale.  The driver asked why he pulled them over.  She said she was going the speed limit, 22 mph.  The officer said that was the route number, not the speed limit.  The officer said they looked unsettled.  We will be fine, we just got off route 119.
  • What do lawyers wear to court? Lawsuits


  • What do you call someone with no body and no nose? Nobody knows.


  • When you are 20 and drop something you pick it up. When you are 80 you decide you don’t need it any more.


If you were under 65 and read these and need help understanding, contact a Senior Saint.


Have a wonderful summer!

Love, Zeke