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May 2022

Dear Friends,


Easter 2022 was one to remember. The sunrise service was beautiful; our youth group served breakfast after a two-year hiatus, and there were so many in attendance at the 8:30 & 10:45 services – it was wonderful! Let’s continue being edified by Christ’s glorious resurrection this Easter season, which runs through the month of May. I thank everyone who had a part in the Easter egg hunt, the breakfast, and the cleanup of the church grounds.


Did you know the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is celebrating it’s 175th year as a church body? Those of you who read The Lutheran Witness may have seen the articles about it. This means our congregation’s 150th anniversary is not far behind. Many LCMS churches in the Midwest have already celebrated their 150th jubilee. But west of the Rocky Mountains, St. Paul Lutheran Church of Sherwood Oregon will be the first Missouri-Synod congregation to reach the 150th-year milestone. This will occur on the 24th of October, 2028. We have a few years to go before we begin putting together a celebration committee, but I’ve already started jotting down some things I’d like to see on that great day such as the synod president (whoever that will be in 2028) being our honored guest and preacher. All the LCMS churches in the district should be invited, and we may want to have multiple services. The weather may not be fit for an outdoor service in late October, so we may want to celebrate early, like in August or September so we can do it in the grove. Anyway, these are some things I’m thinking about.


In the meantime, there is much work to do on a daily basis. I am working with Jennifer Gatke to revitalize our youth group in the wake of Covid and the fact that a large contingent of our youth has graduated high school and is now dispersed for college, work, or relocated. Every day I greet the families of our preschool and I think to myself, if all these families were members of our church, we would be busting at the seams—they have lots of kids! Our teacher, Kathy Prehm, constantly promotes our church through the daily curriculum and her relationships with the parents. But she and I know after years of church work, getting families in the church is not an easy nut to crack. As an end-of-year booster, I am hosting a preschool family mixer at the church. It’s going to be good-old-fashioned evangelism and fun, and I pray it works. Please keep this event in your prayers that God will move the hearts of the people in our community to join us in our journey to life everlasting with Jesus.


This summer will be a busy one for me and an exciting one for our church. I have a conference this month in Corvallis, the district convention in Portland next month, the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Houston Texas in July, multiple camps at Camp Lutherwood Oregon, and Vacation Bible School. I’m looking forward to working with you in our Christian witness to those we encounter and interact with.


May God bless us and keep us in His love and care.

Pastor Don

St. Paul Church’s Announcements to Read and Know

Greetings in Christ Jesus

Jesus Christ is Risen!  The Easter message is wonderful news!  Some day we will walk into heaven.  Because He lives, we can walk through that door.  We have an incredible life to come. I know that my Redeemer lives, and because He lives, I shall live also.  May this truth be in your heart.  We can live each day now in confidence that we are eternal people.  May the joy of Easter continue!

Our thanks to Garrett and Paige Robison for donating a coffee maker to the Senior Center. Thank to Peggy Pariseau for setting it up.  

It was a blessing to have a wonderful turnout on Good Friday afternoon for the Hot Cross Bun treat.  

May God bless your May journey.

Pastor Rich

Bingo the Basset HoundI am busy. Enjoying the longer daylight.  Now for some warm weather.  I am also ready for some Bingo!  Hope you can enjoy the Summer!  The Senior Saints are, experiencing aches and pains,

this Spring.  The older we get, the more thankful we are for every day. 

The irony of age, when you are a baby, your parents take care of you.  When parents grow old, they are taken care of by their baby.  Seniors do not call their bathroom John, instead they call it Jim.  That way it sounds better when you say I go to the Jim first thing in the morning.


  • How are stars like false teeth? The both come out at night.
  • The Senior Saint stood outside the pub fishing in a puddle of water. A well- dressed businessman felt sorry for him.  He invited him inside for a drink.  As they sipped their drinks, he asked, how many have you caught today?  The old man replied, you’re the eighth.  Note:  watch out for those seniors!

Keep smiling.


 Bingo your Basset Hound


Spark April 2022


Dear friends,

Being as we’re two-thirds of the way through Lent, and church work has been increasing these last couple months, I’ll offer you a brief string of items from my plate as they come to mind:





  • Many thanks to Frannie Moss for doing double duty on the organ during Lent!
  • Keep our sister church, Pilgrim Lutheran in Beaverton in your prayers as they work through the process of calling a pastor. 
  • While the pandemic is still with us, it seems like things are returning to the way they used to be. We thank God for that as well as pray there are no more surges in the spread of infection. 
  • Our preschool mission has soldiered on valiantly through the pandemic, thanks be to God, and our teacher, Kathy Prehm, aides Diana and Jane Burda, substitutes Jennifer Gatke and Leslie Abbott, office managers Jennifer Snellen and Ellen Kulle, the volunteers on our board of education led by Steve Perone, and your prayers and support. I feel it a great blessing to get to know each child by name, and get to know their individual personalities, as well as get to know the parents a little bit too. Our preschool continues to be a worthwhile, vital mission of our church.
  • I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday, where we will have the return of our breakfast in the church lower level, served by our youth group. I will be putting together a sunrise service (7 AM) and, weather permitting, we can worship as the sun rises and have a nice breakfast in the church afterwards. 

That’s all for now. May you continue drawing faith from the Holy Spirit as we enter into Holy Week and Easter. 

Pastor Don 

Youth worhsip leaders
Youth worhsip leaders

Youth Worship Leaders

In an effort to bring families with children to midweek worship during Lent, I’ve had the youth from Confirmation class be our liturgists at the evening services. My thanks go to Ashlynn Brenner, Elizabeth Johnston, Claire Baldridge, and Riley Baldridge for doing something many young people don’t get the opportunity to do, and for doing it well.  

“My thanks … for doing something many young people don’t get the opportunity to do, and for doing it well.”


easter cross


 (St. Paul Church’s Announcements to Read and Know)

March 2022 – A plan for Holy Week 2022

Dear friends in Christ,

By the time you read this newsletter, we will have begun our Lenten worship series, “In View of God’s Mercy.” I outlined the series in my article in last month’s newsletter.

Holy Week

Now I will familiarize you with the services for Holy Week, beginning Sunday, April 10th. Holy Week is a time when we take a look at our lives in view of God’s mercy toward us in the sacrifice of his Son for us on the cross.

Living Sacrifices

We, in turn, are called by God, especially during these holy days, to be living sacrifices for him, living out our devotion to him in word and deed. Jesus helps us to see the richness of God’s mercy in his life, death, and resurrection. 

May God bless you this Lenten season, as you prepare to receive his mercy at these holy, divine services.


Pastor Don

Palm Sunday, April 10

Mercy in Palms. In this service (8:30 & 10:45 AM) we wave palm branches to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem, as we also witness Jesus beginning his mission of mercy for all people for the saving of our souls.


Mercy in Bread and Wine. As the bread is broken and the cup is poured in this service, (1:30 & 7 PM) Christ’s body and blood serve as agents of mercy to us who are broken by sin and thirsting for righteousness. The junior confirmands will partake in their first communion at the 7 PM service.


Mercy in the Cross. In this service we ponder how Jesus mercifully removed the sentence of sin against us by going to the cross to declare us “not guilty.” We will use the Good Friday Tenebrae (darkness) service (1:30 & 7 PM) projected on the screen in the sanctuary.


Mercy in the Open Tomb. In this service (8:30 & 10:45 AM) we celebrate Christ risen from the dead, so that we might have a new beginning which mirrors the mercy of our Lord and Savior. Weather permitting, we will have a sunrise service in the grove at 7 AM.  


Greetings in Christ Jesus

Beware the Ides of March!

It refers to the assassination of Julius Caesar, which marked the turning point in Roman history.  Now it can refer to a change that might happen.  Could there be a turning point this March with the invasion of Russia into Ukrainian territory? How should we be prepared?  As with anything, we should face life with courage.  How do we get the courage to face the future?  By being with Jesus. In Acts 4:13 

““When they saw the courage of Peter and John they were astonished and they took note these men had been with Jesus.” 

As we face this time in history, we can be courageous if we are with Jesus. 

How are we with Him?  By being in His Word, the Scriptures, and in prayer and in worship.   Jesus is the solution.  Let others see that you have been with Jesus; that they too may have courage. May we face March and the future with courage!

Come closer to Jesus this month by participating in mid-week Lenten worship on Wednesdays. 

There are two opportunities, 1:30 or 6:30 pm.  Both times are in the Sanctuary and are the same service.  Come to the one that works best for you.

May this Lenten Season give you courage!

God Bless you,

Pastor Rich


Bingo the Basset Hound
Bingo the Basset Hound

Bingo is here to cheer you up!


Hi Gang,


Things are hopping at the Senior Center.  During Lent, there will be Soup lunches on Wednesday at noon.  They will start on March 9.  As for myself I prefer rabbit stew. Anyone got a good recipe?  I was raised to smell and find rabbits.  So this month here is some rabbit humor.


  • What did the rabbit give his girlfriend? A 14 carrot ring.
  • Where do rabbits work? At IHOP restaurants
  • What do rabbits put in their computers? Hoppy disks.
  • Why did the rabbit build a new house? He was fed up with the hole thing.
  • What do you call a cold Basset Hound sitting on a rabbit? A chili dog on a bun.
  • What do you call a group of rabbits hopping backwards? A receding hare line.
  • What did the naughty Rabbit leave for Easter? Deviled eggs.


I hope this gave you a smile.  It is good for your health.

Enjoy March and be nice to your Basset Hound and your rabbit friends.


With love,



 (St. Paul Church’s Announcements to Read and Know)

February 2022


Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy,

to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God.

Romans 12:1


Lent is a season when we take a look at our lives in view of God’s mercy toward us in the sacrifice of his Son for us on the cross. We, in turn, are called by God, especially during this time of repentance and reflection, to be living sacrifices for him, displaying our devotion to him in word and deed. Jesus helps us to see the richness of God’s mercy in his life, death, and resurrection.


I am excited to bring to you “In View of God’s Mercy,” a series of services for Lent by my seminary professor, David Peter. Through this series, we will focus our eyes of faith on the meaning behind God’s mercy made real and true for us in Christ. The services are outlined below:


Ash Wednesday – March 2nd: “Mercy in Ashes.” In this service, we consider the ashes on our foreheads as a sign of our sins and remember that God lifts us from our ashes to new life in Christ.

Readings: Joel 2:12-18, 1 John 1:8-9, Matthew 6:16-18


Midweek of Lent 1 – March 9th: “Mercy in Temptation.” In this service, we recall that in the midst of temptation, our merciful God provides us with a way out through Christ, who was tempted just as we are, yet without sin.

Readings: Deuteronomy 6:4-6, 1 Corinthians 10:6-13, Matthew 4:1-11


Midweek of Lent 2 – March 16th: “Mercy in Suffering.” In this service, we recall that no life is without suffering, but our sufferings are not worth comparing to the glory to be revealed to us in Jesus by God’s great mercy.

Readings: Numbers 21:4-9, 1 Peter 2:21-25, Matthew 8:14-17


Midweek of Lent 3 – March 23rd: “Mercy in Betrayal.” In this service, we ponder the truth that though we may turn away from our God again and again, our Lord continues to call us back into his merciful arms for Jesus’ sake.

Readings: Jonah 3:1-10, 1 Peter 3:9-12, Matthew 26:47-56


Midweek of Lent 4 – March 30th: “Mercy in Relationships.” In this service, we come to understand that within the communities God has placed us, we are given the grace to treat one another as Christ has cared for us in his love and mercy.

Readings: Genesis 45:1-15, Ephesians 4:25-32, John 13:34-35


Midweek of Lent 5 – April 6th: “Mercy in Service.” In this service, we recognize that we are called to serve in mercy the needs of those around us by Christ’s example.

Readings: Micah 6:7-8, Hebrews 6:9-12, John 13:12-17


These midweek services for Lent will be at 1:30PM in the senior center, and 6:30PM in the sanctuary.


Our Holy Week services will continue with “In view of God’s Mercy,” and I will update you on those in next month’s newsletter. In the meantime, may our gracious and loving God, the Holy Spirit prepare your heart for this upcoming Lenten season.


Pastor Don

Greetings in Christ Jesus,

Welcome to February.  The daylight is returning!  Watch the groundhog see how long winter will last.  As days become longer, we are reminded that light breaks into darkness.  Forty-nine years ago on January 22, darkness came into our country by the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade.  Since then over 60 million lives have been exterminated by abortion.  In June the Court will again address this issue.  Please keep this in your prayers.  Pray that God’s light will break into the darkness. Jesus wants all to have life.  Jesus said in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the end.”  Be thankful that our denomination is pro-life.  Anyone who has had an abortion can have forgiveness and find new life in Jesus.  May God’s true light shine!


Lent starts with Ash Wednesday on March 2nd So note this:  Wednesday Lenten Services will be in the Sanctuary at 1:30 or 6:30pm.  It will be the same Service both times.  Choose the time that is best for you.  Do not miss this opportunity to be in the Light May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Light of His face shine on you.  May the Lord be gracious to you and give you His Peace!


In Christ Jesus!

Pastor Rich



Hello from your Basset Hound friend at the Senior Saints Center! 

Bingo the Basset Hound
Bingo the Basset Hound

It is my duty to sniff out rabbits, but at the request of my friend Bugs Bunny, I am sniffing out ground hogs this month so I can give you an update on winter weather.  The Senior Saints had their annual who sees The first Robin contest.  I had two $10 gift cards as prizes.  Alas, they are already gone!  This year the winners are:  Myrna Miller and Marge Peters!  Congratulations!


Here are several important questions you should know about Bassets.


  • What side of the Basset has the most fur? It’s the outside.
  • How many hairs are in a Basset’s tail? None they are on the outside.


            You may want to share that important information.


I don’t want to leave out my friends who prefer cats to Bassets. 


       So here are some important cat facts.


  • Why do cats ask for drum sets? They want to make mewsic!
  • What’s a cat’s favorite TV show? Claw and Order
  • What’s a cat’s favorite cereal? Mice Crispies!
  • Before chasing a mouse, what does a cat say? Let us prey,
  • One more? Why do cats not eat lemons?  They make them a sour-puss!


Thanks for reading.  Come by the Senior Saints Center and say Hi.

Love, Bingo

Good News

S.P.A.R.K.  January 2022 – The Angel’s News is Louder

 (St. Paul Church’s Announcements to Read and Know)

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” Luke 2:9-10

There is no good news on the news right now.

National and local news reports would have us believe we are in an ever-increasing state of crisis. That’s partly true because the world is in an ever-increasing state of decay because of sin. Nevertheless, you and I are still able to buy our groceries, make a nice dinner, sit down and eat before bedtime. We can still go to church and do the necessary things in life.

More importantly, the angel’s news is louder and more meaningful than what’s coming out of your T.V. set.

A Savior has been born for you in Bethlehem, and He has overcome the world with all its crises. This good news will keep us faithful and true through 2022 despite more of the same this sinful world has in store for us.

I really enjoyed the “Wait Upon the Lord” Advent series, and I hope you did too. It seemed a timely message as we also wait for life to return to the way it was before Covid. I don’t know how long we will have to wait for that, but our waiting for the Lord’s birth on Christmas has come. This new church year will bring more hope and blessings from God’s Word.

From my family to yours, we thank you for your cards and gifts this Christmas. This is our 13th Christmas at St. Paul and they get better every year.

Happy New Year and God’s peace be with you.


Pastor Don

clothe yourselves Colossians 3-12

Greetings in Christ Jesus

Welcome to 2022!  We wish people to have a happy New Year…that is our hope and prayer.  We might even make a resolution or two to make a change about something.  But soon the New Year will be routine.  The past year may have been good or not so good for you.  Allow me to make a suggestion for you. 

How about dressing up with a new set of clothes?  Paul writes In Colossians 3:12 – “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.”

I suggest we wear these clothes in 2022.  I am picking kindness for the Senior Saints.  Simple acts of kindness go a long way to brighten someone’s day.  They express God’s love in tangible ways.  In today’s world, we are becoming increasingly isolated from one another.  We need kind relationships.  We wear kindness because God is kind to us. This year brighten others with kindness.  You are holy and dearly loved.  Lonely and need some kindness? Come to Senior Saints.  Want to share kindness?  Come and share yours with us! We will resume our weekly gatherings on Wednesday, January 12. Maxine and I wish you a kind giving and receiving New Year!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Rich


Bingo the Basset Hound
Bingo the Basset Hound

Hi Gang,                

I am eager to see you in the New Year.  It has been a lonely three weeks at the Center.   I hope

to sniff some new folks when we gather again.  US Basset Hounds have good sniffing noses.  As Pastor Rich suggested to put on kindness, I will sniff around to find what is happening this year.  I sniffed out some humor for you.  A smile is good for your health.  So let me see a big smile.


  • Why do birds fly south for New Year’s Eve? Give up? It is too far to walk.
  • Not to brag, but I already have a date for New Year’s Eve. It’s December 31st.
  • Why should you put your new calendar in the freezer? To start off the new year in a cool way.
  • What does a ghost say on January 1st? Happy Boo Year.
  • What is corn’s favorite holiday? New Ear’s Day!
  • At the beginning of last year, I made a resolution to lose 10 pounds…only 15 more to go.
  • What happened to the man who shoplifted a calendar on New Year’s Eve? He got 12 months.


Okay, I will stop for this month.  Happy New YEAR!  Be kind!  


Love from Bingo,


Your Basset Hound from the Senior Center!


 (St. Paul Church’s Announcements to Read and Know)

December 2021


A Series of Sunday Services for Advent and Christmas

The season of Advent is characterized by waiting—waiting upon the Lord for his presence to be revealed to us on Christmas. In this worship series for Advent, we look back in Scripture at those who waited upon the Lord for his promises to come to pass through the Christ Child. We also look forward, contemplating how we should wait upon the Lord in this present moment of our lives, as God continues to make himself known to us.


Sunday, Nov 28 – Wait Upon the Lord with Faith (Galatians 3:8): Abraham and Sarah waited with faith for the birth od their son, Isaac, and we wait with faith for the birth of God’s Son, Jesus, trusting that he will come at Christmas to save all people.


Sunday, Dec 5 – Wait Upon the Lord with Hope (Psalm 130:5): The prophet Isaiah declared the coming of the Lord, which gave the people in Israel hope for the future. We wait with hope for the future because we know what the future holds—a Savior.


Sunday, Dec 12 – Wait Upon the Lord with Rejoicing (Isaiah 25:9): Elizabeth rejoiced as she waited for the coming of her son, John the Baptist. And Mary rejoiced as she waited for the birth of her son, Jesus. In the same manner, we rejoice as we wait for the second coming of the Son of God.


Sunday, Dec 19 – Wait Upon the Lord with Gratitude (Psalm 91:1): Zechariah’s waiting days for John the Baptist’s birth were filled with great gratitude for the Lord’s promise about to be fulfilled. In these remaining waiting days before our Savior’s birth, we are ever more grateful for the arrival of the Promised One.


In between each Sunday of Advent, be sure to join us for midweek worship:

Wednesday, Dec 1 – Service of Readings and Carols 6:30 PM

Wednesday, Dec 8 – Sunday School Unwrapping the Manger 6:30 PM

Wednesday, Dec 15 – Youth-led Advent service 6:30 PM 


Last but not least, our Christmas worship services:

Friday, Dec 24 – The Lord is Come (Luke 2:7): After our long Advent waiting, the Lord is come—into our lives, into our homes and into our hearts. It’s time to celebrate his birth as our Savior and Friend. Come, sing “Silent Night” with candlelight, at 3:00 PM or 7 PM.


Saturday, Dec 25 – Let Earth Receive Her King (John 1:16): The wait is over and our new life with Jesus has begun. We join the whole earth in glorifying him on this day. This service will include The Lord’s Supper. This service begins at 10am.


Sunday, Dec 26 – The First Sunday of Christmas It will seem like you’ve been to church a lot the last couple of days, but as the beloved Christmas carol goes, “O Come All Ye Faithful.”