(St. Paul Church’s Announcements to Read and Know)

     February 2023


PROMISED TREASURES: A series of midweek services for Lent

This Lenten season, we have a fresh opportunity to embrace God’s amazing love for us, His baptized children, in new ways. St. Paul clearly says that “faith comes from hearing” (Romans 10:17), but the Gospel is also communicated through the physical senses of sight, smell, touch, and taste. Jesus mentions that a good teacher not only brings out new treasures but reminds people of old and rich treasures as well (see Matthew 13:52). So, each Wednesday in Lent, we will take a weekly journey to see, smell, touch, and taste a number of biblical elements. Our Lenten series is called Promised Treasures. Just as Israel wandered through the wilderness under Moses for forty years, awaiting the Promised Land, we await heaven in the wilderness of this life. Life as exiles in the wilderness of this world is not easy and pain-free. In this vale of tears, we await our real home, the new promised land of heaven. Until we enter our eternal promised land, however, the Lord calls us to be His light in this dark world (see Colossians 3; Ephesians 4). This series will begin with ashes, then proceed to salt, water, light, bread, and finally, palms. Then, during Holy Week, the focus shifts toward water and blood, wood, fragrant oil, and finally, on Easter, milk and honey. All these beautiful Old and New Testament elements will remind you of God’s eternal love in Christ, fill you with renewed hope, and increase your joy, knowing that because we are His baptized children, God is near to us now more than ever.

Ash Wednesday – February 22 (1:30 PM Senior Center; 6:30 PM Sanctuary)

Sermon: Sitting in Dust and Ashes

Children’s Message: Ashes and Hope!


Midweek of Lent 1 – March 1 (1:30 PM Senior Center; 6:30 PM Sanctuary)  

Sermon: Salt: The Gift That Sweetens and Preserves

Children’s Message: Salt to Sweeten and Preserve


Midweek of Lent 2 – March 8 (1:30 PM Senior Center; 6:30 PM Sanctuary)  

Sermon: Water Gives You Life

Children’s Message: Water for Life


Midweek of Lent 3 – March 15 (1:30 PM Senior Center; 6:30 PM Sanctuary)

Sermon: Light Shining in the Darkness

Children’s Message: Light Shining in the Darkness


Midweek of Lent 4 – March 22 (1:30 PM Senior Center; 6:30 PM Sanctuary)  

Sermon: Bread of Life

Children’s Message: Bread of Life


Midweek of Lent 5 – March 29 (1:30 PM Senior Center; 6:30 PM Sanctuary)  

Sermon: Palms and Victory

Children’s Message: Palms and Life!


Maundy (Holy) Thursday – April 6 (1:30 PM Senior Center; 6:30 PM Sanctuary)


Sermon: Water and Blood


Good Friday – April 7 (1:30 PM Senior Center Hot Cross Bun Service; 7 PM Sanctuary Service of Darkness)


Sermon: The Old Rugged, Wooden Cross


Easter Sunrise – April 9 (7 AM in the Grove, weather permitting)


Sermon: The Oil of Joy and Gladness


Easter Morning – April 9 (8:30 AM & 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary)


Sermon: Welcome to the Promised Land of Milk and Honey

Children’s Message: Milk and Honey Bible Study: Milk and Honey



Soup suppers will start at 5:15 PM in the lower level of the church for the midweek services 1 through 5.


Communion will be served at the Maundy Thursday services.


Easter falls on a non-communion Sunday at St. Paul. Invite your friends to church!


Pastor Don