Greetings in Christ Jesus


Have you seen a Robin yet?  I remember growing up in Michigan that, when we saw a robin in the new year my mother would remark, “ that means Spring is coming”.  I still think of Spring when I see my first robin.  One should be appearing soon.  However, Robins do not come to announce Spring.  They appear because they follow their food supply.  They now can find worms and insects.  In the winter, they fly south where they eat fruit.  As Christians we make a spiritual journey this time of year.  We make a Lenten journey.  The journey begins the last Wednesday of this month.  This is where you can find rich spiritual food.  It is served at 1:30 at the Senior Center or 6:30pm in the Sanctuary.  This spiritual food will prepare your hearts to receive our crucified and risen Lord.  These additional services during Lent are for your spiritual nourishment. May you have a blessed journey!

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Rich

from the church mouse

 Hi gang,


The Senior Center is a busy place.  It is a joy to watch people having a happy time.  Karon and Paul keep up my supply of PJ .  Pastor Rich has been sneaking some for himself.  I received bulletins from Leslie Atiyeh and Pastor and Maxine.  Leslie’s was from The Greek Orthodox Church in Portland and Pastor and Maxine‘s was from Faith in Topeka, Kansas.  Interesting to see what is happening in other churches.

Myrna Miller has some smiles for you.  Enjoy.

Why does eating fish increase your brainpower? Because fish travel in schools.

What is guaranteed to take care of baldness? Hair.

How do skeletons study for exams? They bone up on the facts.

Did you hear about the skunk that came to church? He had his own pew.

When is an eye not an eye? When an onion makes it water.

Come visit me at the Senior Center.  Be sure to watch out for my friend the ground hog.