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 September 2021

Dear friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I am maintaining my own wellness by taking time off from church work. Even on vacation though, it’s hard not to think ahead to all the challenges the new Church Year will bring under this continuing pandemic. For a while I was beginning to think things were looking better, especially being able to worship outdoors without facemasks; but, as you know, that didn’t last long. In the meantime, we must consider the things which are most important to us as a church. I believe one of those things is our Christian education. Some of it has continued during the pandemic such as confirmation and mid-week Bible study among the senior group and the women. But our main Sunday Bible study, Sunday School and youth group have been on hold since early last year. This has to change soon. The state can mandate this and that, but as long as we are able to meet in person while observing measures to mitigate the spread of Covid, we should be doing so. President Tim has already mentioned in his article the upcoming meeting where together, we will move forward with a plan to resume Christian education. I encourage you to attend as well. I do not recommend we have an Oktoberfest this year. If there is any question about risk of infection, it should only be considered for the most important functions of the church, that being worship and education. The non-essential stuff must wait until this is all over.


You’ve all been very patient and understanding during these times. It hasn’t been easy for some of my colleagues in the ministry; but here at St. Paul, I think we have taken what God has given us with a fair amount of acceptance. Who knows what He is teaching us through all this other than to turn to Him and rely on Him even more. To do otherwise is unfaithful, and that is certainly not what we wish to be.


I’ll see you soon. The Peace of the Lord be with you.


Pastor Don