Mission Festival – July 31, 2022

Rev. Andrew and Megan Fedder

This year’s Mission Festival Sunday will celebrate LCMS missionaries Andrew and Megan Fedder serving the Lord in Romania. They, with their five children were originally to be posted in Odessa Ukraine last year, but circumstances led to them being placed in Romania.

There, the Fedders care for local congregations in Bucharest, Sofia Bulgaria, and Katerini Greece. They also help with the Ukrainian refugee crisis in Brasov, Romania. Obviously, we cannot fly the Fedders out here for our mission festival, but he is preparing a sermon which I will read to you on that day. Our special mission offering will go towards Andrew and Megan’s missionary work in Romania through the LCMS. Our normal mega-potluck will top-off the festivities. 

Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hawaii — West Oahu and received his Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. Before becoming a career missionary, he served as pastor of First Lutheran Church in El Cajon, Calif. Prior to that, he was a substitute and summer school teacher for pre-K through eighth grade.

Megan earned a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, Portland, Ore., and served for over 10 years as a Lutheran school teacher. Andrew and Megan have five children — Wesley, Beatrix, Charlie, Rosalind and John-Paul — who will join them on the mission field.


About Mission Fest at St. Paul Lutheran Church

Mission Festival is a long standing tradition at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sherwood, Oregon. It started many years ago, and originally many congregations in the area would come together to celebrate with St. Paul. There would be a combined worship service not only from St Paul, but throughout the region.  They would worship, hear about a mission they would support that year with their prayers and donations, and follow all of that with a grand potluck as is the way for so many Lutheran congregations. There is even heard tell of games being played, like volleyball, soccer and some mean tug-of-war matches. 

One Service on Mission Fest and a Pot Luck

A few traditions continue…We combine our early service with our outdoor worship service at 10:45 am  in the grove, and follow our Mission Festival worship service with a potluck. Please bring your favorite dish to share! 


Please pray for the Fedder family as they serve the Lord in Romania and throughout the Eurasia region, and as they acclimate to life in Bucharest. Ask the Lord to grant Andrew safety as he travels to teach throughout the region, and pray that his work would strengthen local congregations in the proclamation of the Gospel.

Additional Information

  • Birthday: Andrew — July 7, Megan — May 30, Wesley — May 16, Beatrix — July 9, Charlie — Sept. 9, Rosalind — Nov. 18, John-Paul — June 25
  • Anniversary: May 10
  • Home District: English