sunbeam over pond

Here we are, it’s September 2020 COVID style. It’s always hard to get started writing these articles, I feel like I need to cover something from the Past, the Present and the Future. So here we go in reverse order.

Future – We will have a voters meeting in September on the third Sunday, September 20th at 12:30. The meeting will be in the Grove if the weather is suitable, if not it will be in the lower level of the church.

Present – The weather has been absolutely perfect the last few weeks, in my opinion anyway. I’m sure many are getting tired of the ongoing conditions as a result of COVID-19. We all miss doing the things we used to do together and have found new things to do in smaller groups mostly consisting of immediate family. I’m one to look for the silver lining and find the blessing in our current situation. I’m learning that I am much happier when I limit my consumption of “news“. With that said let’s focus on Christ and a message from some recent devotionals. Portals of Prayer this week has been on the subject of “My Grace is Sufficient for You.” 

The author has done a wonderful job of emphasizing each word in this phrase on subsequent days. Today’s word is sufficient; what does that mean to you ?  For me it is reassurance that all my needs are being taken care of, even if it doesn’t seem that way sometimes. Our blessings are so many, allow us to count them all and give praise to the one that provides them.

Past – We had our vacation bible school and it was a blast as always. A BIG thanks to Jennifer Gatke and company that did a fantastic job organizing everyone and keeping us all safe. We had fun observing social distancing, I have included a few photos, can’t wait for next year.

In His Service,

Tim Grace