Bread and Water


Greetings in Christ Jesus,

Bingo the Basset Hound

Hi folks,  

                            Pastor Rich wanted me to invite you to enjoy a Hot Cross Bun with the Seniors on Good Friday.  Watch for details in the Sunday Bulletin.  

The Senior Saints offer a variety of interest groups.  There may be one that you would like to participate in.  There is the gray head group.  There is the Super Seniors, those 80 years and above while there is the Jr. Seniors those under 80.  They offer the Walker, Cane Society.  There is the Suspenders bunch.  Yes, there is a hearing aid group as well as a pace maker bunch.  If none of these interests are for you, a new group can be formed.  The Seniors are always open to change.  We are not a closed society and not afraid of new ideas.

Enjoy the April showers that will bring the May flowers!

Love from Bingo,                                                                                                       

 Your Basset Hound reporting from the Senior Center 

Another Lenten Easter season comes to a close this month.  Did you grow in your love for Jesus?  Do you experience a deeper grasp of what Jesus Did for you?  There was a little boy who was always late.  Every night he came late to dinner.  On one night as he came, he saw great looking food on his parent’s plates.  After he sat down, his mother got up and went to the kitchen and brought him a plate with a slice of bread and a glass of water.  The boy was crushed.  After it sank in, the father took the boy’s plate and placed his own plate in front of the boy.  The father ate the bread.  He smiled at his son.  When the boy grew up to be a man he said, “All my life I have known what God is like by what my father did that night.  

Jesus took our plate of sin and exchanged it with His love, Joy and forgiveness!  You have a plate full of blessings because Jesus loves you!  Thousand, thousand thanks be to Jesus!  Jesus Christ is Risen!  May the blessings of Lent and Easter be yours!  


In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Rich and Maxine